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A Climate Idiot To Match Tim Flannery

It’s great to see the good old USA has a climate idiot to match our own Tim Flannery. Aaron Mair is the President of the infamous Sierra Club, and here he gets grilled by Sen. Ted Cruz.

The IPCC Is Comprised Of Complete Idiots

Quadrant Online on the bunch of useless non-experts sponging off the taxpayers via the infamous IPCC.

The IPCC’s Legion of Hacks and Dunces

As climateers turn their gaze toward Paris, what the warmist media won’t be reporting is just how poorly qualified and error-prone many of them are. That’s no mere sceptic’s complaint, by the way, but the honest verdict of their fellow scientists

paris submergedThe basis for the Paris climate talks in December is “the science” produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The science must be good because it’s coming from the world’s top climate-type scientists,[1]  or so the story goes.

Well, the story is guff.

The IPCC scientists aren’t the best available, far from it. They’re a motley crew assembled via a typical United Nations boondoggle that stacks the scientific ranks with heavy quotas for Third Worlders, along with special consideration for females. The IPCC rules explain that the IPCC hierarchy “shall reflect balanced geographical representation with due consideration for scientific and technical requirements.” (My emphasis).

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Islam’s Bad PR

From Quadrant Online:

Media is the Massage for Islam’s Bad PR

As always happens when fulminate of Islam explodes on our streets, there has been a great reluctance among profession media sorts to note that the Parramatta shooting has even slightest link to the Muslim faith. It’s everyone else’s fault, apparently, especially Tony Abbott’s

mini mo est mortIt was always going to be a tough brief, but somehow, given their previous accomplishments, you just knew the curdled cream of Australia’s media would find a way to supply the requisite spin: A 15-year-old Muslim slips into his friendly neighbourhood mosque, there to don ISIS-style black smock and pants, before murdering an innocent stranger and shooting it out with cops, all the while shouting “Allah! Allah! Allah!”

And the reporting?

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“Baffled” Mohammad?

From Quadrant Online:

Mohammad Wouldn’t Be ‘Baffled’

Another Muslim murder, followed by hand-on-heart protestations from our political class that Islam is the religion of peace. Perhaps, after the ‘community leaders’ have been glad-handed and the TV cameras vanish, our leaders should actually read the Koran

behead posterYears ago, John Howard was ridiculed by chatterers when he extolled the value of immigrants embracing Australian values. They sneered and they postured. What Australian values? Shrimps on the barbie? Well, giving people ‘a fair go’ is an Australian value. And that is not to be sneered at.

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Terror Australis

Larry Pickering nails it, as usual.


… and policy lunacy

Australia’s multiple disconnected Security Agencies are noticeably hard at work investigating yet another “politically motivated incident”, soon after it happened… and still they don’t get it!

Right now there are four hundred Muslim activists in Australia under notice (not under surveillance) by either ASIO, the AFP or police anti-terror squads, yet if only five per cent of Australian Muslims are intent on committing an act of terror then that’s 20,000 Muslims they should be worried about, not a mere 400.

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A Happy Little Coterie Of Climate Terrorists

From the excellent online Australian Morning Mail:

turnbull jockeyExclusive

Turnbull and Shorten tell the jockeys.

Jack London

What follows is from a not-to-be-named source:

It is a private and confidential email sent to Liberal MP’s.

It appears likely that the treacherous Turnbull and his loyal deputy, the Backstabbing Bimbo of Canberra, have orchestrated reneging on Turnbull’s written promise that the Climate Policies of Abbott would remain in place.

Why didn’t the Libs just invite Bill Shorten to be the Leader of the Liberal Party? That way they would not go down in history as backstabbing and dis-loyal.

From a reader:

Like many Australians who have been appalled by the removal of Tony Abbott and the reasons for his removal, I have been concerned that Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop are intending to sign the Paris UN climate change agreement in December.

Please share this email (minus my email details) with other concerned Australians and publicise the contents with as many people as possible.

Pleased to oblige:

From: Anna Moloney
Sent: Tuesday, 29 September 2015 10:38 AM

Subject: Invitation to Climate Change Information Session and Private Briefing

Dear Member,

I write to invite you and your advisors to a Parliamentary Information Session on the Science of Climate Change. At the session leading Australian climate scientists will discuss the impact of Australia’s decision to sign the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the upcoming COP21. There is also an opportunity for you to meet with climate researchers in private briefings, should your diary permit.

Information Session

Date: Tuesday 20 October 2015
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue: Reps Committee Room 1R1, Parliament House, Canberra

Private Briefings

Date: Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October 2015
Time and Venue: To be confirmed – please email Ms Anna Moloney to arrange.

[Obviously this has been cooked up immediately after Turnbulls promotion to PM. They haven’t even got a venue yet. Who ever heard of an invite to Australia’s Federal leaders to a venue yet to be found?]Supported by The Honourable Greg Hunt MP, Mr Mark Butler MP and Senator Larissa Waters, the lunchtime information session will include presentations from some of Australia’s most eminent climate change researchers based at leading research institutions across the country. You can find short biographies on these scientists in the attached.

[You don’t need short biographies of the Three Stooges who are supporting this. Hunt and Larissa Waters are part of the Green/Libs Coalition. Mark Butler is a Labor MP Didn’t take Turnbull and the Bimbo to move seriously left, did it?]There will be a focus on the local, regional and global impacts of climate change (in particular the effects of sea level rise), the economics of reducing Australia’s emissions, and possible mitigation and adaptation measures. In addition, a broader discussion will consider how Australia can address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and, I hope, provide fruitful information in the lead up to COP21 in Paris in November.

We hope you and your advisors will be able to find time in your busy schedule to attend this information session and/or meet privately with the visiting researchers on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October to discuss any area of climate science of interest.

To arrange an individual meeting, or for more details about the information session, please contact Ms Anna Moloney, Global Change Institute Communications and Engagement Manager, advising if there are specific climate scientists you would like to attend your private briefing.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Kind regards,

Anna Moloney

Communications and Engagement Manager
Global Change Institute
The University of Queensland

Sent on behalf of:

Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg PhD FAA

Professor and Director
Global Change Institute
The University of Queensland

Let’s make this clear. The Global Change Institute is an apocalypse predicter. It is semi-political in nature insofar as it puts out warnings about the fate of the world unless we bend our bottoms to the rod of the IPCC. Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg is a rabid disaster-merchant, darling of the ABC and Fairfax.

The Liberal MP’s who attend this meeting will know in advance what sort of information to expect, there is no need for private briefings or individual meetings which, anyway, will have bugger all to do with climate change but will tell delegates how to vote in Paris.

Note that Turnbull and Bishop keep their dainties out of this conspiracy so they can be amazed when Greg Hunt and his Green/Libs get into the Cabinet rooms and report back. They will be shocked by what they heard and will in good conscience – of course – break Turnbull’s agreement with the Nats. There will be press conferences afterwards saying “It’s worse than we thought.” Anyone like to bet?

Every single MP who attends should be dis-endorsed.

As to Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, here is part of an article all of which can be found here.

Much of Professor Hoegh-Guldberg’s statements on ‘Stateline’ is typical of what I’ve seen as the unscientific and unfounded spread of climate alarm contrary to real-world science. The many falsities and/or irresponsible actions of alarmists misrepresenting Nature and humanity typically include:

1. relying on falsities and unsubstantiated, unscientific claims that contradict real-world science. Professor Hoegh-Guldberg’s fanciful claims lead me to conclude he seems ignorant of basic aspects of his own field of marine science;

2. briefing parliamentarians by posing as experts yet lacking qualifications in climateology. Prof Hoegh-Guldberg is a biologist not a meteorologist or climatologist;

3. lacking real-world evidence. Eight months ago I first asked Prof Hoegh-Guldberg for scientifically measured real-world evidence of human global warming. He provided no such evidence. There is no scientifically measured real-world evidence that human production of CO2 warmed Earth;

4. using emotive ‘sound bites’ falsely claiming catastrophic damage to Aussie environmental icons such as the Great Barrier Reef (that experts agree is thriving), Daintree rainforest mists, Kakadu, Bondi Beach, ………;

5. relying on and citing UN IPCC reports even though I previously provided Prof Hoegh-Guldberg solid figures—obtained from the UN IPCC itself—proving that UN IPCC reports are fraudulently fabricated on falsities and not scientifically peer-reviewed. The UN IPCC corrupted and bypassed peer-review. Key UN IPCC claims are based on work of ‘scientists’ who prevent scrutiny of their raw data. That’s not science, it’s uninformed and biased advocacy;

6. demonstrating ignorance of the scientific process and misunderstanding of science itself. From what I’ve seen the professor fails to understand what is meant by a causal relationship. He has no real-world scientific evidence of causation;

7. smearing—and without grounds discrediting people—who disagree with alarmist views even when those people may simply be questioning the lack of sound reasoning and the use of many, naked contradictions by fomenters of climate alarm;

8. relying on the global warming ‘industry’ to attract funding;

9. failing or refusing to declare their own financial interests yet implying sceptics are driven by vested interests;

10. cornering politicians to accept falsities by plundering politicians’ ignorance of science and reluctance to publicly question alarmists posing as ‘experts’. It’s clear that many politicians feel ‘trapped’ even though ‘experts’ lack scientific evidence and fail to declare financial interests;

11. bulldozing journalists by taking advantage of journalists’ ignorance of science and their apparent reluctance to scrutinise people falsely posing as ‘experts’. Journalists often fail to challenge experts’ conflicts of financial interest;

12. claiming the high moral ground yet failing to understand core moral issues while making recommendations detrimental to the environment and humanity. Please refer to my comments on the ABC-TV transcript