Oct 232014

There’s been a lot of discussion recently regarding aspects of the burqa. Some discussion has been fair, but much has been rather biased one way or the other. The left-leaning Bendigo Advertiser today published a story by Annie Young which seems to be an un-disguised attempt to confuse the issue and pretend the burqa is little different to a Catholic nun’s habit!

Just to clarify the issue, let’s look at a couple of pictures:

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Oct 232014

An alternate title for this post may have been “Sucked in”. We noticed a bit on a Facebook page somewhere or other about a report claiming that smelling farts could cure cancer and goodness knows what else. We checked the original report and yes, that’s more or less what it said.

Scientists Say Smelling Farts Prevents Cancer

July 11, 2014

This is not a hoax, folks. Scientists out of the University of Exeter believe that smelling farts actually prevents cancer, among other diseases.

smelling farts prevents cancer
Credit: Getty Images

“Although hydrogen sulfide gas”—produced when bacteria breaks down food—”is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases,” Dr. Mark Wood said in a university release.

Although the stinky gas can be noxious in large doses, scientists believe that a whiff here and there has the power to reduce risks of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving mitochondria.

You can read the rest of that article HERE.
Being just a tad sceptical by nature (we believe Global Warming is a load of crap, remember) we checked a bit further via good ol’ Google and voila, found another article confirming the first HERE.

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Oct 222014

The Mount Alexander Shire Council produced this Media Release today:

Cr Christine Henderson has been endorsed by her fellow Councillors to be elected as Mayor at the Statutory Meeting of Council to be held on Tuesday 11 November 2014.
Cr Henderson is the current Deputy Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire, and the Mayor Elect process will allow for a seamless transition to her new role.
Cr Henderson was first elected to Council in 2008.  She is the elected representative for the Coliban Ward.
Following the Statutory Meeting, Cr Henderson will replace Cr Michael Redden who has been in the Mayoral role for the past two years. Cr Redden is the elected representative for the Loddon River Ward.

Current Mayor Cr Michael Redden has been in the job the past two years, and from that which we are informed, we believe didn’t want to give up the position. No wonder at over $53,000 per year.

cr-christinehendersonIt will be interesting to see how Cr Henderson performs in the Mayoral role. She has plenty of council experience under her belt (good) but has at times displayed a somewhat Left-leaning bias (not so good). She seems to have matured in her council role over the years; we just hope she can leave her political leanings outside the council chamber.

Of course the councillors didn’t have much realistic choice as Mayor. Some councillors are too new to the role to adequately fulfil the Mayoral position, some are most likely not interested (such as Crs Cole and Bell) and at least one far too radically Green-Left in their politics to be healthy, being an Endorsed Green when originally standing for council (Cr Machin).

The councillor we’d really like to see as Mayor is Cr Tony Bell, the one current councillor who, in our opinion, is willing to stand up and speak out for the people, come what may. We suspect Cr Bell is also the councillor the shire CEO would least like as Mayor, which may just be another reason Cr Bell should be in the job!

Wildlife Extinction?

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Oct 222014

Desperate Wildlife Extinction Claims are Part of the Warming Hoax

October 10, 2014

Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba is a writer by profession and host of several Web sites and blogs, including Warning… (read full bio)

One thing that those of us who have been longtime observers and debunkers of the lies surrounding global warming and/or climate change have noticed is that the “Warmists” have gotten increasingly desperate after more than eighteen years in which there has been no warming.
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