Dec 172014

Interview  with 101 year-old Hattie Mae MacDonald of Feague,  Kentucky:

Reporter:  Can you give us some health tips for reaching the age of 101?

Hattie:   For better digestion I drink beer. 

In the case of appetite loss  I drink white wine.

For low blood pressure I drink Red  Wine.

In the case of high blood pressure I drink scotch.

And when I have a cold I drink Schnapps.

Reporter:  When do you drink water?

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Dec 162014

A short time ago we wrote the article, “Bad Choice Of Words“, highlighting some meaningless blather issued from the local council; one of our regular readers and contributors, Ian Braybrook, posted a Comment to the article. We thought the comment worthy of a short article on its own.

Mr. Braybrook’s comment was:

Actually when it comes to the behaviour and record of this council, particularly its senior staff, I am lost for words. In a recent survey (by me) I asked 43 people what they thought of the local council. The replies sounded much like the responses of Mr Bassett to the Mayor at the meeting of December 9th. I am sure your good publication would not print such extreme language. I understand a petition is being organised requesting the removal of the current council. If so I have my pen poised.

The idea of a petition to remove a council is not only understandable, but highly desirable given the performance – or lack of it – of many councils throughout the State.

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Dec 152014

No sooner than we had a few words on the miserably failed climate conference in Lima, than Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Forum put out a Press Release:

London 14 December: Dr Benny Peiser, the director of the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), has welcomed the non-binding and toothless UN climate agreement which was adopted in Lima earlier today.

Dr Peiser said:

“The Lima agreement is another acknowledgement of international reality. The deal is further proof, if any was needed, that the developing world will not agree to any legally binding caps, never mind reductions of their CO2 emissions.”

“As seasoned observers predicted, the Lima deal is based on a voluntary basis which allows nations to set their own voluntary CO2 targets and policies without any legally binding caps or international oversight.”

“In contrast to the Kyoto Protocol, the Lima deal opens the way for a new climate agreement in 2015 which will remove legal obligations for governments to cap or reduce CO2 emissions. A voluntary agreement would also remove the mad rush into unrealistic decarbonisation policies that are both economically and politically unsustainable.”

Lord Nigel Lawson, Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Forum, added:

“The UK’s unilateral Climate Change Act is forcing British industry and British households to suffer an excessively high cost of electricity to no purpose. Following Lima, it is clearer than ever that the Act should be suspended until such time as a binding global agreement has been secured.”

In other words, a totally worthless conference attended by some eleven thousand delegates holiday makers from 190 countries (that’s an average of nearly 58 “delegates” from each country!) As there are only 196 countries on the planet, it seems nearly every country on earth was happy to send along a bunch of freeloaders.

AND as Dr. Peiser observed, none of those countries signed up to anything that can be enforced.

An absolutely criminal waste of time and resources.

Dec 142014

We’ve all heard about sea level rise; how entire islands are going to be washed away and how seaside suburbs around Australia’s coast will be drowned.

In 2009 I attended a lecture by a gentleman from the Bendigo Bank who told our group in no uncertain terms of the danger of sea level rise along the coast of Victoria. The gentleman had great AV show to present, complete with highly graphic charts showing just how serious this “problem” might be. I asked the gent for a copy of the show but he never sent it despite promising to do so. I’m not surprised.

I thought his presentation was utter B/S at the time and nothing since has changed my opinion. At the time the gentleman was Manager Innovation and Implementation at the bank, an apt title as he certainly tried to “innovate” a new way for banks to make money (taking advantage of sea level rise fear). He’s got a different title now; something to do with “community”. Perhaps the bank has woken up the sea ain’t rising much, folks.

Anyway, an article in The Australian by esteemed scientist Prof. Bob Carter shows just how much of a con the sea level scam was, and still is.

Tide turns on sea-level alarmists

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