Gough Whitlam Dead

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Oct 212014

Australia’s third-worst Prime Minister (after KRudd and Queen Julia) died today.

Following the dictum, “If you can’t say something good about somebody, don’t say anything at all”, ……..

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Oct 172014

Board of Health Declares Wisconsin Wind Farm a “Human Health Hazard

Talk about the ultimate king-hit to the wind industry and its parasites – especially the hack pseudo-scientists that peddle the derisory “nocebo” theory – said to explain ALL adverse health impacts from the incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound generated by industrial wind turbines, including sleep deprivation.

The Brown County Board of Health has just declared the Shirley-Wisconsin wind farm a “ … Human Health Hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and sensitive passersby) who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health.”

Oh dear!

Could things get any worse for the wind industry?


But this little development puts it in a situation that it’s fought tooth and nail to avoid.
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Voting System Stuffed

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Oct 142014

How would you feel if you had the winning numbers in Tatts 1st Division, only to find a few other ticket holders who had numbers close to yours were able to club together and claim the prize?

That’s sorta-kinda what can happen with our crazy proportional/preferential voting system.

Sometimes the candidate with the maximum number of votes wins the election; sometimes not, and here’s a good example.

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Nothing New, by ZEG

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Oct 082014

Cartoonist Zeg strikes again!

Nothing new!

Just a little comment on all of the madness circling us at the moment. I find it all a bit cliche to be drawing terrorist’s and burqua’s etc.  After all, just about every other cartoonist in the country is doing that daily. I wanted to focus on the very loud enemy within, the home-grown threat that has been ripping and distorting and terrorising our way of life long before the mad Islamists ever came to our attention. So get in line ISIL, ISIS or IS or whatever we are to call you, because the experts at destroying the West are definitely ahead of your game, the experts…THE LEFT!!!

Oct 062014

“Confused Bats” to Blame for “Unprecedented” Wind Farm Bat Slaughter

Wind farms are certified bird and bat slaughterhouses, where millions are clobbered, sliced and diced every year (see our post here).

Now, apparently, it’s turned out to be all the bats’ fault.

If only they’d undergone turbine recognition and awareness training they wouldn’t be belted to kingdom come, night after bloody night.

You see, bats (or at least the dimmest of them) apparently can’t tell the difference between trees (a source of food and shelter) and giant turbines (a guaranteed pathway to the promised land).

Maybe, over time, as Darwin’s rules about survival of the fittest and natural selection start to bite, the eradication of bats too stupid to know the difference between friendly oaks and mechanical bat thrashers will lead to a bat “super race” – not only capable of spotting certain death, but equipped with superlative “blade-dodging” flying powers and indestructible lungs.

In the meantime, however, they’ll continue to cop a battering. Here’s The Telegraph on the “unprecedented” wind farm bat slaughter.
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Oct 042014


The next international meeting on “climate change” is scheduled for 2015 in Paris and it’s Ban Ki-moon’s last ditch stand to define his tenure as UN Secretary General with meaningful global agreements on emissions.

With the dismal failure of Copenhagen still fresh in his mind he is drafting, with the IPCC, an all-out onslaught on climate truths.

The latest is the UN news release showing thousands of doomed walruses, beached and headed for extinction as arctic ice recedes and they have to settle for pebbly coves and rocky inlets. .

The problem with the UN footage supplied to unquestioning networks is that the same footage could have been supplied each and every year since Adam and Eve decided it was cold enough to get dressed.

Walruses have been returning to mate at that same pebbly beach each year since forever where 4 ton beachmasters tear each other to pieces to decide who gets most of the yummy females.

Any National Geographic devotee would know walruses do not mate on ice, and they really wouldn’t want to try it, neither would you, because it’s impossible to “get a grip”, which is exactly what Ban Ki-moon should get.


To Cover or Not To Cover

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Oct 022014

With all the hoo-ha going on at present about the burqa, this article from 2006 presents a common sense view.

Niqabi Muslim women in the West, “Exhibitionist and Deluded”

October 20, 2006

Ladies as hooded bandits

by Khalid Hasan
The Friday Times, Lahore

NEW YORK – The rumpus being created in the West by exhibitionist and deluded Muslim women, whose conduct flies in the face of clear Quranic injunctions and who confuse tribal customs with divine commandments is creating even more difficulties for ordinary, God-fearing Muslims than they already were struggling against.

The utterly uncalled for insistence on donning the hijab and, of late, wearing the niqab, an attire more suited to the profession of banditry than anything I can think of, belittles Islam in whose good name it is being done. No sensible person can disagree with British politician Jack Straw who ended up putting his head into a hive of very angry bees when he said that he found it hard to communicate with a person whose face he could not see.

Neither the hijab nor the niqab has anything to do with Islam, as anyone who has taken the trouble to read the right texts and who is not smitten by that arch priestess of ignorance Dr Farhat Hashmi and her ilk would know.
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