Oct 242014

With the Australian bushfire season upon us, this article by Quadrant’s Geoff Walker is timely and accurate.

Why We Burn Again and Again

The Climate Council, where Tim Flannery hangs his hat these days, has issued a “research paper” that insists we can limit bushfires by banning coal mines and slashing CO2 emissions. Well they would say that. After battling greens and distant bureaucrats, a veteran firefighter knows better

bushfire2EDITOR’S NOTE: The Climate Council — formerly the publicly funded PR arm of the Gillard government’s push for a carbon tax, now supported by public subscription — has just issued another example of what it does best: half-baked semi-science in pursuit of political goals. This time global warming is causing bushfires and lots more of them, according to Professor Lesley Hughes. Her solution, in case you can’t guess:

“The trend of increasing global emissions must be halted within the next few years and emissions must be trending downwards by 2020. Investment in renewable, clean energy must therefore increase rapidly. And, critically, most of the known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground.”
Those who know a bit about bushfires grasp the rather more immediate cause of catastrophic firestorms, like those which claimed 173 lives in Victoria in February, 2009: green-inspired opposition to preventive burning. Tellingly, of the academic experts Hughes cites in Climate Change and the NSW Bushfire Threat, almost every one opposes the tried, tested and traditional method of fuel reduction — regular, controlled, low-intensity burnoffs.
With summer almost upon us and the fire season about to begin, what follows is one veteran firefighter’s explanation of why we will burn again, and why official policy makes it likely to happen sooner rather than later.

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Oct 242014

“Gough, The Series” – the wildly Left ABC are just stupid enough to do it. Quadrant Online’s Editor Roger Franklin has his say.

Coming Soon: Super Gough, the Series

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry if the ABC builds upon the spirit that has animated its coverage of the former PM’s ascension with an adulatory mini-series. Given the national broadcaster’s emotional state, now would be the moment for a smart producer to make that pitch

supergoughIf you’ve ever seen those flicks Hollywood makes about itself you’ll know the key to selling a movie script is pretty simple: corner the handiest studio boss in an elevator and pitch that winning plot. Zombies, planet-smashing comets, killer pandemics, global warming — whatever your theme, to bag the big bucks it needs to tap the popular fascination of the moment, what the bum in the seat is talking about with his girlfriend and the people at work. Cartoon characters also seem very popular of late, a trend which cannot help but bring ABC General Manager Mark Scott to mind.
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Oct 242014

From the always excellent Zeg, via Quadrant:

Green with a Yellow Stripe

If you listen to the ABC, where no twist nor turn in the skein of current events can be allowed without a Greens gabbler being invited to the microphone, you would undoubtedly have heard the view that exploding Islamic weird beards are a problem only in that they have given Abbott & Co.,an excuse to pull on the jackboots. After recent events in Ottawa, expect that attitude to shift somewhat

zeg ottawa1 big


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Oct 232014

There’s been a lot of discussion recently regarding aspects of the burqa. Some discussion has been fair, but much has been rather biased one way or the other. The left-leaning Bendigo Advertiser today published a story by Annie Young which seems to be an un-disguised attempt to confuse the issue and pretend the burqa is little different to a Catholic nun’s habit!

Just to clarify the issue, let’s look at a couple of pictures:

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