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EPA Thumps Mount Alexander Shire Council

Nearly everyone who lives in Mount Alexander Shire knows all the trouble council got itself into over the local tip (a.k.a. landfill).

The council awarded a tender to build a new cell at the landfill to an interstate company despite an experienced local company’s tender being substantially cheaper. Hmmmm.

The winning tenderer failed to complete the cell on time, resulting in council having to let a contract to have local waste carried hundreds of kilometres to a landfill in another part of Victoria.

Needless to say, cost blowouts have been the order of the day, er, months.

Now we discover the Environment Protection Authority Victoria has whacked Mount Alexander Shire Council with a fine of $7,584 for over filling a cell. The EPA web site states:

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Dyson Heydon and The Bendigo Mosque VCAT Decision

“What the hell has Dyson Heydon got to do with the VCAT decision on the Bendigo mosque”, you may ask.

Well, it’s like this.

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Hypocrites All

Now the great Bendigo mosque rally is over, the Lefty hypocrites are desperate to make mileage out of it, having failed to make any impact at the rally itself.

Bendigo’s very own Red Baroness, Lisa Chesters, as usual couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

Member for Bendigo Lisa Chesters said she parts Bendigo resembled a “ghost town” on Saturday after protests kept many from coming into the CBD.

Now she is calling on Bendigonians to help small businesses bounce back.

“We’ve got to be doing something positive after what happened on the weekend,” Ms Chesters said.

“When the blockades went up all I could think about was an entire Saturday trade lost, and being from a small business family I know how important Saturday trade is.”

In response the MP launched ‘Eat.Drink.Shop Bendigo’ – a call to arms to shop locally this weekend.

Firstly Lisa, who’s responsible for the protest in the first place? Answer: Mayor Cox and the City of Greater Bendigo Council, the group who approved a building permit for a mosque while ignoring council procedures and the voices of the residents of Bendigo. No building permit = no reason to protest.

Second, “ entire Saturday trade lost..”? What you lack in brains you sure make up for in exaggeration. The protests occupied small sections of the CBD for a limited period. The police have stated there was little trouble with the protests almost a non-event as far as the law was concerned. The majority of traders were not affected.

Third: “..being from a small business family..”. Clever wording to give the false impression you have vast experience in small business. Be honest Lisa; the only “job” you held before entering politics was as a union organiser. Or did you ever have a real job you’ve never told us about?

Forth: A “call to arms” for people to shop in Bendigo is completely needless. The protests are over and those very few who stayed away last Saturday will return when they wish to.

The Bendistan Agitator managed to find one cafe owner who stated:

Simone Blakemore’s Sim’R cafe, directly adjacent to the protests, closed all of Saturday, leaving 20 employees out of work for the day.

If you think business was lost because of a small protest in a rural city on a Saturday afternoon, think what the devastation to businesses will be if Daniel “Billy Bunter” Andrews has a full public holiday on the Friday before the Grand Final!

Chesters and Cox: Stop grandstanding and start supporting the majority of Bendigo residents, not just your Lefty mates.

The (Almost) Clayton’s Rally – UPDATE

Last Saturday 29 August the Bendistan Agitator printed an ad sheet (dare we call it a bull-sheet?) encouraging Bendigo residents to stay away from the anti-mosque rally (nothing like a little subtle social engineering, eh?). As we now know the good people of Bendigo turned out in force to support the rally, despite the Bendistan Agitator’s best efforts.

The Facebook page Voices of Bendigo is now calling on Bendigo residents to boycott the Addy for the month of September (how fitting; boycotting is one of the Socialist Left’s favorite weapons against lawful businesses, so it’s most appropriate the people now use it against a Left-wing paper).

Here’s Voices of Bendigo’s own digital poster:


Needless to say we’ll never find out just how effective the boycott is. Pity.